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Online Courses for Children's Writers

Online Courses for Children's Writers

What is an online course for children's writers?

"The online course for children's writers is a non-profit program to help children improve their literacy skills, especially writing skills."

Why do children need writing skills from an early age?

"Writing skills are very important for the next level of education."

What conditions will be experienced by children in relation to this writing ability?

"In the future, children need writing skills to write papers, articles, theses, reports, final study reports, financial reports, activity reports, financial reports, write books, write proposals, write application letters for jobs, write curriculum vitae, write portfolios. , etc."

For children's level, what kind of writing skills are needed?

"When you are a child, the writing skills needed are to identify, describe, explain, explain, narrate, answer questions, answer questions why, and so on, that is more than enough."

What should be developed to improve children's writing skills?

"Practice writing every day. One way is to fill in a diary. Another, develop and improve children's reading skills, their imaginations, and so on. Train them to write various types of writing genres such as narrating, describing, explaining, exposing, and so on ."

On the Ruang Guru page, can it be a guide for children to practice writing skills?

"Yes, this page is intended to help children practice their writing skills from an early age."

How does Ruang Guru train people from different places and even countries?

"Certainly through an online course for children's writers."

How much do participants in an online college course for children's writers cost?

"No charge. Online course for children's writers free."

How many times a week do you meet for an online course for children's writers?

"Once a week."

How do I register?

"By filling out a google form that we will share when you or your children have filled out comments on this page."

Just like that?

"Yeah, just like that. That's all."

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