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About Teacher's Room


About Teacher's Room

Teacher's room

The teacher's room is a page that contains administrative and professional needs. As mandated in the Law on Teachers and Lecturers Number 14 of 2005, it is stated that the obligations of teachers are explained as follows.

Planning learning, implementing quality learning processes, as well as assessing and evaluating learning outcomes;

Improve and develop academic qualifications and competencies on an ongoing basis in line with the development of science, technology, and the arts;

Act objectively and non-discriminatory on the basis of considerations of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, and certain physical conditions, or family background, and socio-economic status of students in learning;

Upholding the laws and regulations, laws, and teacher code of ethics, as well as religious and ethical values; and

maintain and foster national unity and integrity.

The teacher's room will provide some assistance in providing the needs needed by the teacher as stated above. Hopefully the existence of the teacher's room can provide benefits to teachers.

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